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February 20, 2017

The Best of President’s Day Sales Roundup

Sharing the best of the president's Day Sales. Most items are at least 40% off or more! Feat: Nordstrom, Asos, Banana Republic, and more! Sale Roundup, shopping, what to buy, president's Day sales

Happy Monday! I hope this is a three day weekend for you! This post is going up a bit late, but I had to share my top picks for one of the first holiday shopping events of the year. I’ve rounded up my picks from my tried and true brands that are almost all 40% off or more. The President’s Day sales this year are really good ya’ll! Staples for the in between seasons and gorgeous new arrivals for Spring. I did things a little different today and broke it down by brand, but in a lookbook format. Let me know how you like it! Making things easier is always my objective and I get a lot better reaction to my clickable images and widgets than direct links… so I’m taking your feedback and sticking with that.

I’m never the girl to overload you with a billion sales… that overwhelms me so I know it will you too! These are my top picks… the ones worth shopping… and the ones that will fill your cart with items you will wear over and over and get your money’s worth. That’s been a huge focus for me this year. I love to shop, but having quality items in my closet that create fool proof outfits I love is much more important to me nowadays.


For those who love to scour for deals though… here’s a list of some to check out:

Old Navy: 50% off store wide!

Gap: 40% off everything with Code presday

Missguided: 40% off store wide with president40

Free People: 40% off Sale (bralettes are 2/$30!)

I will update this if I find more worth sharing!


Note: Nordstrom‘s sale goes through the 26th, but items are selling out fast!

February 16, 2017

What’s in my cart: 2.16.17 + Huge Giveaway

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone… I’m in full spring mode. I want color… I want sandals… and I want my dresses back! I couldn’t help but share what’s in my cart right now… because these are easy pieces that will be your go-to’s all summer… and under $100. You can’t beat that, right? Super Easy to shop too.. simply click on the item to go directly to the shop. PS: those shorts are high waisted and perfect if you have a booty and those espadrilles? Yeah they are half the price of the ones you’re seeing all over instagram! WIN! I am beyond ready to wear dresses and shorts everyday… who else is with me?

Happy Thursday! I’m so excited to finally share this giveaway with you all… the Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Mini Bag has been on my list for quite some time… and I am so excited to team up with some of my favorite blogger friends to give one to one of my amazing supporters! Make sure to enter and follow all of these ladies that I love working with regularly!

PS: Luke is out of school the next two days for the flu… everyone has been so sick lately including myself. My prayers are with you… and please for the love of Jesus wash your hands, k?

This week I am teaming up with an amazing group of ladies to bring you an INCREDIBLE giveaway. The winner will receive a Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag.


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The giveaway is open internationally! The more “tasks” you complete below, the more entries you will receive, increasing your chances of winning!

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You are sure to discover some amazing bloggers you may not already be following! Good luck!

February 14, 2017

All you need is Love. . .

2016 Reflections and 2017 Goal Setting

(Our Christmas (turned New Years… lol) Card Photo 2016, full post here)

Happy Valentine’s Day! All you need is love and a couple dozen roses, right? Like I said yesterday, Valentine’s Day is very special for Luke and I because it happens to be when we started dating (cliche I know…) This year marks 5 years together and while it may be cheesy, I have to say that time has really flown by. We have been through so many ups and downs and major changes and I couldn’t be more grateful to have the partner in life that I do. Luke is one in a million. He loves me for me, he helped me find self confidence, he pushes me to chase my dreams, and he inspires me to be better.

See, Luke is one of the good ones. He sees the good in people, he doesn’t get angry, he takes life in stride, he loves the people around him even if he doesn’t know them, he wants to make the world better, and he truly does. He starts that by making my world better. Before Luke, consistency was never a thing in my life. I had never experienced it. Anyone who made promises to me never kept them… and it made me really lose the value in those things. I couldn’t take anyone seriously and I had little to no faith that anyone would ever really be there for me.

A little peek into our first few months of dating… it was the first time I had ever REALLY dated anyone. I always seemed to have a boyfriend, but those guys didn’t court me. They didn’t do things old school. We may have hung out a few times and them bam… we were dating. Luke and I spent time together for a month before we made things official. He took me on dates… he drove an hour to see me… and he made me a priority. Man was that a game changer. I felt important. I didn’t worry about whether he liked me or would find some way to break things off and start dating someone else. I already knew that because he showed me. I didn’t feel some need to push things with him. It was easy.


One Year Anniversary Photos Kingsport, TN 2015

(Our one year Anniversary Photos, full post here)

Valentine's Day, Red Roses, Anniversary, 5 year anniversary, Wedding, Engagement

( Our 2015 Christmas Card Photo Shoot, full post here)

Wedding First Look Downtown Dover, DE

(Some of our wedding photos, BEST day of my LIFE! full post here)

Historic Chestertown Maryland Engagement Session 2013Our Engagement Shoot from October 2013 in Historic Chestertown Maryland

(Our Engagement Photos, full post here)

One Year Anniversary Photos Kingsport, TN 2015After Wedding Photos Maple Dale Country Club Dover, DEOne Year Anniversary Photos Kingsport, TN 2015Valentine's Day, Red Roses, Anniversary, 5 year anniversary, Wedding, EngagementAfter Wedding Photos Maple Dale Country Club Dover, DE Love Wedding Valentine's Day5 Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage Love is All You Need

5 Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage


  1. Be Kind: This may seem silly, but kindness goes a long way. We have seen a lot of stress in our 5 years together. Things haven’t always been easy and I have taken stress out on Luke. I find that approaching everything with a kind heart makes the biggest difference. Kindness and love really go hand in hand and I think being kind and gentle with your partner in every way helps to create a more warm and welcoming environment for your relationship to grow and blossom. It also ensures that your partner always feels loved by you.
  2. Be Generous: Be generous with your partner. With your time, with your resources, with your love. Give them all you can. In all honesty this will serve you as well. When we are generous with others we feel fulfilled. I never feel better than I do when I do something for someone else. Make that your objective and give to your partner. Luke is amazing in this area. Think of all the time it takes to get my photos together for blog posts. All those instagram pics take time and effort and I have one hell of an instagram husband.
  3. Be Honest: OMG is this SO TRUE! No one is a mind reader. Let your partner know what you need. While time will teach cues for what is really going on… you really always have to communicate. When you make a mistake… just tell them. Hiding things is no way to nurture a relationship. You are partners and until you can be 100% transparent you will never reach your full potential. For Luke and I this comes to budgeting, our schedules, and what we are capable of doing. We often over promise to one another because we simply want to be able to do everything, but we can’t. It just turns into being disapointed and frustrated. Trust me and save the time and just be honest!
  4. Be Respectful: When you know someone loves you, you are more likely to push them to the limit and take them for granted. Treat them and their time as you would want your own treated. This has been really hard for me. I don’t always appreciate the time and effort Luke puts into helping me and I certainly don’t tell him thank you enough. Honestly, I know he loves helping me… but not when he feels like it’s not appreciated. This is a work in progress and we all have ways that we don’t show enough respect, but know that this is so IMPORTANT!!
  5. Be Thoughtful: Remember the little things. Make their lumch, iron their pants, make their morning coffee. It may sound simple and odd, but really… love on your partner. The little things go a LONG way. Knowing how I take my coffee means you really know me… and that makes me feel seriously loved. SO do surprise flowers for no reason and dates. Figure out what the other person really loves. Do little things for them. Help them out without them asking. This is going to help your relationship by leaps and bounds!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Love all the people in your life, not just today… but EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

February 13, 2017

XoXo: Pink and Red Valentine’s Day Look

Valentine's Day Outfit- Pink and Red, feat: Rebecca Minkoff, Express, Nordstrom, and AsosValentine's Day Outfit- Pink and Red, feat: Rebecca Minkoff, Express, Nordstrom, and AsosValentine's Day Outfit- Pink and Red, feat: Rebecca Minkoff, Express, Nordstrom, and AsosValentine's Day Outfit- Pink and Red, feat: Rebecca Minkoff, Express, Nordstrom, and AsosValentine's Day Outfit- Pink and Red, feat: Rebecca Minkoff, Express, Nordstrom, and AsosValentine's Day Outfit- Pink and Red, feat: Rebecca Minkoff, Express, Nordstrom, and Asos

Poncho: Old (similar here), Striped Turtleneck: J Crew, Faux Leather Leggings: Nordstrom ($29), Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  (under $150), Flats: Sold out (love these & under $50), Lip Color: Stila Fiery (my go to red!)

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! What? I sadly didn’t get to follow through with this post on Friday because this girl got hit with the flu! The worst! It’s been taking our area by storm and even causing schools to be closed. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Really! I wanted to make sure this still went live and decided to swap today’s post for what was meant for Friday. This is such an easy look. We don’t get super fancy for Valentine’s Day… or really most occasions… so this is what I would REALLY wear for date night. This pink and red Valentine’s Day outfit is a win win. If you’re more of a fancy gal… just throw on some heels and a little more bling and this will work for you! I just can’t make myself wear dresses at night when I know it’s going to be cold… so impractical and if I’m uncomfortable I’m not going to have a good time… plain and simple.

I wear these faux leather leggings all the time. They were $29 and seriously much better quality than the price tag suggests. I simply just threw on a poncho that I had in the closet over one of my tried and true J Crew Turtlenecks and voila! This is something I could wear to dinner and a movie, Galentine’s brunch, date night in, and really almost anything that could be planned for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day has always been more for Luke and I. We started dating the day after Valentine’s Day and that was 5 years ago. I can hardly believe it’s been that long. We’ve been through so much since then and I’m so proud of us! I definitely married up.

I have a special post planned for tomorrow so stay tuned for that!

Valentine's Day Outfit- Pink and Red, feat: Rebecca Minkoff, Express, Nordstrom, and Asos
February 8, 2017

Valentine’s Day Inspiration and Budget Friendly Date Ideas

Budget Friendly Date Ideas and an outfit for inspiration. Pink Lace up flats, black denim, and dalmatian spot print top.

Holy Cow! How is Valentine’s Day almost here? I swear time is slipping away! I haven’t even sent out my New Years Cards yet… oops! Like I’ve said before… loving Valentine’s Day is new for me. It really wasn’t until I felt the security of my marriage that I saw it as a true way to spoil someone I love. I used to get stressed over it… like really stressed. When Luke came along it just became different. Our anniversary is February 16th (for actually being a couple) and this year is five years! I can hardly believe it! So I thought what better way to start the celebration than a festive outfit and some budget friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas?

In true Luke fashion… I kept it simple. He likes it when I dress up… but way more when I’m dressed down and comfortable. To be honest I think is when I feel my best and that shows through. He also happens to be the most frugal of the frugal… so date nights on the cheap that are still fun are a must for us!

Budget Friendly Date Ideas and an outfit for inspiration. Pink Lace up flats, black denim, and dalmatian spot print top.Budget Friendly Date Ideas and an outfit for inspiration. Pink Lace up flats, black denim, and dalmatian spot print top.Budget Friendly Date Ideas and an outfit for inspiration. Pink Lace up flats, black denim, and dalmatian spot print top.

I love some dalmatian print ya’ll! This top was a local find, but I found several spotted tops that you can recreate this with. I got these flats last year, but there are so many dupes for them! These  are $25 and these are $17 and so cute! You really don’t have to spend a ton of money to create a cute outfit! My mantra for my closet this year is to have just a handful of fun fashion pieces each month to create blog looks and staples that I can rotate in and out year round. Fun shoes that are under $50 and fashion tops and dresses are perfect to pair with higher end staples to create a version of your own capsule collection.

I’ve been battling with the struggle of having way too much STUFF. Anyone the same? It makes me kind of sick at the waste. While a lot of it really comes from blogging and the feeling of urgency to have new things to post… I’ve honestly always been this way. It really bothers me and I have a serious mission to declutter and keep it that way FOREVER! Keep an eye on my poshmark closet… because starting this week I am adding TONS of stuff there! It must go.

Budget Friendly Date Ideas and an outfit for inspiration. Pink Lace up flats, black denim, and dalmatian spot print top.Budget Friendly Date Ideas and an outfit for inspiration. Pink Lace up flats, black denim, and dalmatian spot print top.Budget Friendly Date Ideas and an outfit for inspiration. Pink Lace up flats, black denim, and dalmatian spot print top.

Top: Local Boutique (similar here and here), Denim: Articles of Society (size down!), Flats: old (similar here and here), Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Earrings: J Crew , Lip: Maybelline Color Jolt in Never Bare

Budget Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Date night in: I mentioned yesterday on instagram that I love buying flowers from The Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s, and Aldi. I can always get a bouquet for less than $12 and they are literally the best! They last so long and are gorgeous! No need to spend $40+ for flowers people! So grab some blooms, find a flick that means a lot to you and your babe, and make a simple dinner at home. This for sure will come in well under $50!

Takeout and the drive in: We are lucky enough to have a drive in theater close to us. How much more sweet and romantic can you get? Go grab yoru favorite takeout and head to the drive in with some blankets… maybe a little vino? This is a date you’re sure to remember and will come in under $50 (even on Valentine’s Day)

Take it Outside: Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a night thing. Take it outdoors. Go on a hike to your favorite spot and take a picnic lunch. This kind of thing is going to mean so much more than going out for an expensive dinner and spending way too much on those fancy flowers!

Buy an experience: Have you heard of the escape room? Something comparable would be such a fun date for Valentine’s Day! Laughing and having fun? How can you beat that? (You can sub out other things based on your interests… maybe the shooting range… maybe ziplining..) Just do something out of the ordinary that will create a lasting memory!

Girls Night In: This was the best in college and really even still now. If you don’t have a special someone to celebrate with… make it fun with your friends. Have everyone bring a dish and binge on the Bachelor or watch a sappy movie! This would be great even the days before Valentine’s Day so that you celebrate with all the important people in your life.

I hope you’re having an amazing week so far! Thank you so much for your sweet words on my post about going Vegan in January. We are so happy with the change and can’t wait to learn more that we can share with you!

I’ll be back on Friday with another post and as always! Let’s be friends on social media!


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Budget Friendly Date Ideas and an outfit for inspiration. Pink Lace up flats, black denim, and dalmatian spot print top.