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Hello there! So glad you decided to come along on our journey! This blog was started in 2013 under the name, A Glimpse of Glitter. Through much thought, it was decided that this space needed to become more of a movement than a space to tell you where to spend your money. The Glitter Gospel was put into action in 2015 and finally is coming to fruition now. We are also established as an online retailer as you will see through our shop tab.

The Glitter Gospel is about finding the truth in life… that it can be a little ugly and a scary, but also a beautiful journey with a little sparkle in all the dark places. See, that’s what I think life is all about: finding the good in the bad.

You will find me referencing my faith in this space and I hope you can respect that. I believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. I truly would not be here today without the love that I have found through Jesus Christ… and trust me, you will learn that quickly. I am in no way going to shove the word of the Lord down your throat and I respect the views and beliefs of everyone. There is absolutely no judgement here, just love!

Philippians 4:13


Who the heck am I?

I’m Lacey Anne Douthat, an almost 30 something small town girl trying to figure out this wild ride called life. I live in East Tennessee with my husband, Luke. We have two puppies, Rosey and Lemon. Rosey is a frenchton (french bulldog, boston terrier mix) Lemon is an F2 Goldendoodle (that just means she is straight haired rather than curly). We are anxiously awaiting growing our family whenever the Lord sees fit for us.

I started this blog in 2013 with hopes to inspire women to feel better about themselves. Pretty quickly it got wrapped up in the mix that most bloggers fall into with buy, buy, buy! I have to say that along the way it has been hard to be consistent because that really is not what I wanted this space to be. Trust me, I love to shop (Just ask my husband), but I also don’t like the feeling of being pressured to dress a certain way or shop at a certain place. Fashion should be fun and there is a way to make it work with any budget. (I shop at Goodwill from time to time, but also love my designer handbags… ya feel me?)

I’ve struggled a lot with finding love for myself. Body image is a big deal here… We all have to love what we are working with to ever really be happy. You are seriously beautiful just the way you are! Wanting to better yourself is amazing, but going to extremes to try to achieve what you think to be perfection can be a very dangerous thing. I hope that you can find some inspiration for that here.

The Glitter Gospel Blog

So here we are finally in the right place at the right time sharing what really matters; love! I hope you feel a little love every time you visit here. I hope whatever outfits, life hacks, and bits of information I share with you make your life a little brighter. That’s what I want this space to be; community!

Thank you again for being here, it really means the world!



You can see a peek into our wedding below (May 31, 2014)




Lacey & Luke from Brian Davidson on Vimeo.