The Glitter Gospel Blog: A Glimpse of Glitter Meets The Glitter Gospel
September 27, 2016

The Glitter Gospel: Let’s Get it Started

Hello there! I cannot believe this day has finally come. The Glitter Gospel Blog is finally reality.

This has been in the works for over a year… crazy, I know. I’m sure you heard the news, about 2 months ago… I finally chased a life long dream of having my own store. We actually established the Glitter Gospel as a business in 2015, but quickly realized that we were not ready to take on the challenge with the schedules we had at the time.

Flash forward, August 2016… on August 1st The Glitter Gospel Boutique opened for business as a boutique for unique pieces and an in house custom graphic t-shirt line. I knew several months before we opened that I wanted the blog to follow under the same brand name… so then the process began. Through much hard work with the amazing Vanessa of With Great Heart Design we dug deep to re-design this space.

I am so in love with the result. This is truly what I have dreamed this space being for the last three years. It’s real, it’s me, and it’s a space that can grow into a community and not just a place for me to tell you what to buy and what’s on sale.

See… that is NOT where I wanted to go with blogging. If you have followed along for any amount of time or know me personally,  you know that I have struggled in my life. I am not perfect. I do not come from the perfect family. I have had to pull myself up by the bootstraps and carry on more times than I would like to admit. I also happen to believe that is what blogging should be about. I want you to know me.

If you learn anything at all from me, I hope you learn to live transparently. Living transparently is scary, trust me. It is also so crazy amazing. Being yourself and putting the real you out there guarantees that you never have to be confused. You never have to worry about what others are thinking. When you finally have the guts to be yourself… the fear of being or looking dumb in the eyes of others kind of goes away. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t continue to be hard, but you can make the decision every day of your life to simply be YOU!

The Glitter Gospel BlogThe Glitter Gospel BlogThe Glitter Gospel BlogThe Glitter Gospel BlogThe Glitter Gospel BlogThe Glitter Gospel Blog

Thank you so much for loving me, supporting this blog, and letting me be myself and grow the last 3 years. I honestly do not know where I would be had I not taken the plunge to start this little corner of the internet. I love you all!




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$100 Worth of Maybelline Cosmetics. I will need shade info for the winner!  So much goodness! Brows, foundation, lips, powder… you’ll be set in the make up Department!



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Illumask Anti-Aging Light Therapy Mask. Worth over $100.

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Prize Three:

One Item of your choosing from The Glitter Gospel Boutique. No exceptions on the prize…. anything is up for grabs including all NEW ARRIVALS!


How to Win:

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Good Luck!

  • Wendy Forbes

    I’ve signed up for your emails and followed all of your social media accounts. 🙂

    • Lacey


      YAY! Good Luck! Those prizes are pretty awesome! <3


  • Congrats on the blog launch – it looks great! So so exciting!!!

    • Lacey

      Thanks so much , Grady! It’s been a work in progress and I’m so glad to finally have it done! Thanks for following along!


  • So cute! I love this pink look!

    Fizz and Frosting

    • Lacey


      You are so sweet! Thanks so much for checking out the new space! <3


  • love those glitter pics!! DARLING!
    Southern Elle Style

    • Lacey

      Thanks so much, Elle!


  • Lacey! How could I not love a sight that has the word “Glitter” in it! I love living in transparency….that is what makes us sparkle the brightest! Thank You for being my “Jesus Glitter” and being the sparkle to many! We ‘Glitter Gals” have to stick together 🙂

    • Lacey


      Thanks so much and AGREED! Have a wonderful day!


  • Congrats! Blogging for three years, showing your authentic self to the world and opening your own business is such an accomplishment.

    Dasha |

    • Lacey

      Thanks so much, Dasha! You’re so so sweet!