Side Dutch Braid Tutorial - The Glitter Gospel
February 23, 2015

Side Dutch Braid Tutorial

Whew what a weekend! I had planned to have this post up over the weekend, but got trapped an hour from home because of the madness of a snow storm that hit East Tennessee this weekend. OMG! I am beyond over this weather! I’m hoping the worst of it is over and Spring will be here ASAP!

I wanted to share the hair look I wore in my first video(s). This one turned out much better and I think we are in the up and up in terms of quality. Learning to do video on your own can be tricky, but I appreciate your love and support with this so much! I have photo examples below, but the how to is all in the video so make sure to watch to learn how to re-create.

I love working with hair and creating new styles/adapting styles I love to work with my hair type (I have super fine hair, FYI… so this will be MUCH easier for you thick haired gals out there!) I’ve been wearing this on repeat lately and can’t stress enough how much easier it gets with practice… I can remember the first time I did it and literally wanting to cry because I just couldn’t get it to work! UGH! Practice makes perfect y’all!

Products Used:

Biosilk Silk Therapy Hairspray Firm Hold


Sultra Curling Wand

Goody Bobby Pins

Thanks so much for watching/reading! I hope you have a wonderful start to a new week!

  • Such a sweet hairstyle!

    • Lacey

      Thanks so much Kari! I love doing these posts, but video is super new for me! Thanks so much for baring with me!