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April 6, 2017

The Ultimate Hair Care Routine with Eva NYC

The Ultimate Hair Care Routine with Eva NYC by lifestyle blogger Lacey of The Glitter Gospel.

My Hair Care Routine:

My most often asked question lately has definitely been: “What have you been doing differently with your hair?”. The answer? A LOT! Really though… I’ve changed every single thing I have ever done for my hair. It also is better than it ever has been and is growing faster than ever too! My hair care routine now is literally the best I think it has ever been.

For starters: I found my perfect match in the hair world. Andrea from Decorum Hair Salon in Johnson City, TN has totally changed my hair. I am almost an hour and a half away from her… and she’s well worth the drive. She uses amazing color products on my hair (huge game changer) and does an Olaplex treatment at every single visit. This is really when things started to change for me.


Next: I started to notice about 4 weeks post appointment that my hair was getting super tired and fragile. I kept trying to figure out what could be going on and really evaluated the products I was using. What benefits should be product have for my hair? Did the product really match for my hair type? What ingredients were in the product? What I realized pretty quickly was that I was using total crap on my hair. Really though. TOTAL. CRAP.

Nothing that I was using really had any benefit for my hair. It was weighing it down, leaving way too much residue, and many contained super harmful ingredients. I then began searching for replacements. I focused on three main factors: did it work with fine + straight hair, did it contain good ingredients, and was it cruelty free. I have been really focused on transitioning all my products over to cruelty free brands (a lot easier than you think). Around this time I also discovered Cruelty Free Kitty. I am obsessed with her blog. She did a whole post on cruelty free hair care brands at Ulta and I was really excited to find so many brands were making the change! While I was trying to figure all this out I was beyond excited for the EVA NYC team to reach out to me about their products. They were on the cruelty free list and had such amazing reviews.

They sent over their Clean it Up Shampoo (in the liter size) along with the liter size of the Soften Up Conditioner. These products make your hair 3x stronger, lather and rinse well, smell amazing, and leave your hair feeling so soft and smooth. Something I’m super weird about is that a shampoo/conditioner and styling products also work when I air dry my hair. Sometimes I feel like products don’t do the same things when you don’t heat style… and leave your hair feeling waxy. These absolutely do not! I also have been loving their dry shampoo. I’m also super excited to share with you that through April 17th you can get these liter bottles at Costco for 7.99! You really cannot beat that guys! I love that EVA NYC is so affordable. Having amazing hair doesn’t have to cost a million dollars. I promise!

The Ultimate Hair Care Routine with Eva NYC by lifestyle blogger Lacey of The Glitter Gospel.The Ultimate Hair Care Routine with Eva NYC by lifestyle blogger Lacey of The Glitter Gospel.The Ultimate Hair Care Routine with Eva NYC by lifestyle blogger Lacey of The Glitter Gospel.

Tools & Supplements:

I’ve also added a couple other products to the mix: my dry bar hair dryer has been the absolute best! I got this for Christmas and it does a wonderful job drying my hair. I got the travel size… because I didn’t really want to have 2 hair dryers and we travel so much. It doesn’t skimp on performance just because it is smaller. and the handle is retractable so for storage at home it is really nice. I also feel like my hair is shinier and silkier since changing out my hair dryer.

My hair brush is a god send. A lot of people recommended the wet brush (which I have used in the past), but I really didn’t like the bristles and felt like it still tugged on my hair when I was de-tangling. This one is from Olivia Garden and is AMAZING! It doesn’t pull and tug and works so well on both wet and dry hair. I’m a little obsessed.

I took viviscal for the longest time… and really loved it. But since it isn’t vegan I had to find an alternative. I picked up a simple biotin supplement for now and I do think it works, but I’m slowing finding other supplements to add in to make it grow even faster and also help with overall hair, skin, and nail health.



The Ultimate Hair Care Routine with Eva NYC by lifestyle blogger Lacey of The Glitter Gospel.The Ultimate Hair Care Routine with Eva NYC by lifestyle blogger Lacey of The Glitter Gospel.The Ultimate Hair Care Routine with Eva NYC by lifestyle blogger Lacey of The Glitter Gospel.

Products Mentioned:

EVA NYC Clean It Up Shampoo, EVA NYC Soften Up Conditioner, Olaplex Treatment, EVA NYC Dry Shampoo, Dry Bar Baby Buttercup Hairdryer, Olivia Garden Wet Brush

I hope you enjoyed this! I have gotten so many questions and since I was lucky enough to find some amazing things that actually work… I couldn’t wait to share! I am so excited to finally have my hair back. It’s been a journey for sure! I love finding and trying new things, but really for me once I find the secret sauce I tend to stick with it. If it ain’t broke… right?


Please Note:

I’m definitely not a hair care expert, but I do educate myself well and rely on the experts in my life like my hair stylist to give me amazing recommendations. My hair is fine and thick which can be a tricky mix. If you have course, curly hair the same things may not work for you.

*Thank you to EVA NYC for partnering for today’s post*
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