Should You Get Lip Filler?

So you want lip filler? Two weeks ago I got lip filler. If you caught the process over on instagram, you already know... but I wanted to share the questions I received from you guys about the process, pain level, expense, etc. I'm so happy to be working with Dr. Lucas of The Lucas Center to share ... READ the POST

What I’ve Been Struggling with Lately | Life Update

What I've Been Struggling with Lately | Life Update: I wanted to come here and share a little background with you about what's been going on with me this past year ( a little life update if you will)... and things that I've been struggling with lately. I think it's so important to be open and ... READ the POST

How to Do Asheville Like a Local | West Asheville Travel Guide

West Asheville Travel Guide (like locals do) You guys may remember Luke and I heading to Asheville a few weeks ago for a little getaway. We absolutely love Asheville and with it being so close we go often. It wasn't until this past Spring that we broke out of our comfort zone of downtown and ... READ the POST

Should You Get Under Eye Filler? Before + After and Full Disclosure Review

As many of you who follow along over on instagram already know, I am doing some minor enhancements to deal with some cosmetic imperfections. I want to start this post by noting that you should never get any cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery for anyone but yourself. If you have an insecurity or ... READ the POST

Hidden Southern Gems: A Weekend in Alpharetta

Summer Weekends in the South ya'll... it doesn't get better. You might remember a few weeks ago I went on a weekend trip to Alpharetta Georgia. It was the absolute best weekend I've had in a long time. The suburbs of Atlanta often get overlooked, but trust me... one trip to Alpharetta Georgia and ... READ the POST


Happy Public Access Ya'll! I wanted to check in and give you info on what I bought from the sale and more in depth reviews of the pieces. I shared this on stories as well if video is more your thing. Head here to watch. I really focused on basics this year. Reason being, I truly do not think that ... READ the POST