How to Create Community Online + Details on Trending Fest Knoxville

Creating Community Online: Recently I realized something. In a saturated sea of online influencers... I've always wondered what my "secret sauce" was. You know, the think that makes you different, unique, etc. For me it has ALWAYS been community. I'm going to share more about this in upcoming ... READ the POST

Make an Impact this Mother’s day with Global Purpose

This post was sponsored by Global Purpose. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make The Glitter Gospel possible. Make an Impact this Mother's Day with Global Purpose Bouquet Bags: Global Purpose is an amazing woman-owned company that’s in the business of giving back. All their ... READ the POST

The Ultimate Guide to a Girl’s Weekend in Charlotte, NC

  Earlier this Spring I had a little girls getaway with two of my faves Tristan of The Polished Posy and Annie of Absolutely Annie. We met last summer when we attended BlogHer in Orlando and hit it off immediately so this trip has been in the works for a hot minute to say the least. We ... READ the POST

Girl On-The-Go Beauty Hacks

Girl on-the-go? This is for you! For us girls who are go-go-go 24/7, our beauty routines slack... amiright? I'm the world's worst about taking my makeup off before I go to bed... and about 6 months ago I made Luke promise me to never let me fall asleep with a dirty face. Sad... I know, but ... READ the POST

How to Spring Clean Your Personal Life

Oh hayyyyyyy!!!!!! So glad to be back ya'll! So what better way to get back in the swing than to share something that has helped me immensely the last couple weeks while I was getting my life in order post move? We are going to dive deep today. No fluff. No false promises. No sunshine and rainbows. ... READ the POST