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Mo Coffee. . . No Problems | How I Whiten My Teeth

If you’re like me, you love coffee! Well, and tea, wine… all the things. I’ve struggled for years with keeping my teeth white because my teeth are super sensitive and it always hurts so badly to use traditional whitening systems. Not anymore! Today I'm going to tell you how to whiten your teeth ... READ the POST

3 Simple Ways You Can Inspire Kindness Today

With 7.7 billion people in the world, every little act of kindness makes an impact. How often do we pass up an opportunity to simply bless someone with a smile, a thank you, opening a door, waiting a little extra to let them cross the road? So many simple ways that we can brighten someone’s day with ... READ the POST

Finding Joy in the Mundane | Learn to Love Laundry Day

Do you ever get caught up in the little daunting tasks that seem to eat up all the free time you do your best to set aside? Dishes piling up in the sink, floors that you have to sweep multiple times a day because the dogs are apparently donating to locks of love this year, and the scariest of them ... READ the POST

Trying something New: Wal Mart Try On Haul

  You asked, I answered! I did a poll on stories last week and it was split 50/50 down the middle between a Spring Target try on or a Spring WalMart try on haul . Totally out of my comfort zone to go in store and try on at WalMart, but I took one for the team. Honestly, I'm pleasantly ... READ the POST

Sometimes Bad Things Happen

Hey ya'll! I promised I would go a little deeper into what happened with our Volkswagen bus Lola... and to be honest with a lot of it I don't know what to say. We are still waiting for answers. It all happened so fast and we are still so shocked to be honest. The Backstory. . . If you ... READ the POST

The New TGG: What’s Coming Your Way. . .

Wow! Talk about long time coming ya'll! I've been working so hard on creating a space that I was truly proud of... to share all the things that you enjoy seeing from me... all in one place. That wasn't an easy feat. Last Fall, some things started to go wonky on the back end of my site. I was ... READ the POST