Planning for the Future | My Life Insurance Story

This post was sponsored by Erie Insurance as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

My Life Insurance Story with Erie Insurance

As many of you know, I’ve experienced a few major life events that have certainly been helped with life insurance. This is a little different than my regular content, but I wanted to share my life insurance story with you guys in hopes that it can help you better prepare for your future and make unexpected events a lot more simplified.

I was beyond thrilled when Erie Insurance reached out to me about partnering for Life Insurance Awareness Month. They did so without knowing that my first experience with any sort of insurance began with Erie. When I turned 16, my Dad made sure to add me to his auto policy and was an Erie customer. He also at that time took out my first life insurance policy. Something I didn’t know until years later.

When you are young, you don’t always see or know the importance of insurance. I knew I had car insurance for a reason to cover an accident, but insurance truly does so much more. If something had happened to me while I was driving, that insurance wouldn’t just be covering the car it would also have been covering me.

My next experience with life insurance was when my mother lost her life to mental illness. Had she not had life insurance we would have been burdened with a hefty bill for her burial services. She was transported from another state and that came with a lot of additional expense. I was so thankful that she had taken the time to think about me and didn’t leave me in a very stressful place at such a young age.

Now as an adult, Luke and I had to have conversations in planning for the future. Before we moved and purchased our current home we only had one policy each. Mine being the first policy my Dad took out on me at 16 and Luke’s being his coverage from work.

While those policies would cover any costs from burial and services heaven forbid anything happened to us… it would cause a financial strain on whoever was left to pick up the pieces. I know for me especially I would be struggling without Luke. He carries our insurance and does so much for our family through his job. For that reason we took out much higher value policies with our homeowner policy to ensure peace of mind for our families future.

I’ll leave this post that Erie has on their site that answers so many more questions here, but just know that the younger you buy a policy the better. As we get older our cost to insure increases. Luke and I were 29 when we got ours which got us in at a very low rate monthly. Check with your local agent and then can certainly get you set up, but don’t skip this step in securing your families financial future.

I hope this was helpful for you guys. I know this is out of my general realm of conversation, but I think it’s so important.

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