The New TGG: What’s Coming Your Way. . .

Wow! Talk about long time coming ya’ll! I’ve been working so hard on creating a space that I was truly proud of… to share all the things that you enjoy seeing from me… all in one place. That wasn’t an easy feat.

Last Fall, some things started to go wonky on the back end of my site. I was upset… and unable to to a lot of the updates needed initially to push posts out on my live site, because they literally wouldn’t load. Code is no joke ya’ll! I’ve learned some basic coding keys over the last 6+ years, but truly coding site changes isn’t easy if you aren’t trained to do it… and I had to teach myself a lot. I also had the help of a developer for a lot of the nitty gritty things that I was scared I would make one wrong change and totally break my site, but most of the changes you see here are all from this lady! Proud moment!

I started on one setup, got mostly done… and still didn’t love it. So we started again. Sounds crazy, but I wanted to get this right. It had to come together how I had it pictured in my mind. So I put my heart into this. My sweet friend Molly did my brand kit. There. Then. Finally! The space and aesthetic I’d imagined for years was finally real.

This may sound silly to you. It’s just a tiny space on the internet… but for me it’s so much. This is the space that I own. I feel so much pressure to post, grow, and prove myself on instagram. I want a space that I can come and let it all out and be proud of. My blog reaches way more of an audience than my instagram ever will… and I needed to feel great about my space so that  I could pour my soul into this space and show the best content I possibly can.

I promised myself that moving forward, I wouldn’t accept less than the best. Whether that be my health, who I surround myself with, and the content I put out; I want to the best I can for myself always. So there are some major changes coming around here and I wanted to share them with you.

Over the last few months I’ve been chatting with ya’ll on instagram to help me get some insight on what you were looking for from me. Several trends became apparent.

  • You like more “REAL” everyday life content. I struggle with this ya’ll, but I’m going to do it! I think forcing yourself to try new things is good… and I think this could be really good for me, but also give you guys more of what you’ve been asking for. Let’s do this!
  • Try-on’s aren’t actually annoying to ya’ll and you want more of them. I am the most awkward human on the planet and this is freaky for me, but imma do it! I started this last week with an Old Navy try on and ya’ll went ham. Lesson learned! More affordable try-on hauls coming your way!
  • You like knowing what’s coming. Consistency is a struggle for me, but I’m dedicated to making this work. The only way I can EVER maintain that is to have a pretty rigid schedule. I’ve always been that way. All or nothing baby! I’ll be sharing more of this below, but there is a NEW and IMPROVED schedule for what and when you will be seeing things here! Get ready!
  • Keeping things affordable and realistic means a lot to you. I tend to have a boujee side, but I also can’t afford to spend over $100 on every thing the UPS man drops at my door. I’m with you girl! Places like Old Navy, Target, Amazon, Loft, and the like are your faves… I love em too! So we are going to veer to the side of under $50 fashion + home when at all possible here!
  • I need to share more behind the scenes and how you can help me! When I shared that try on last week I took the time to tell you guys how I actually get credit for what you are shopping. Crazy enough, a lot of ya’ll didn’t know! What made it even more amazing to me was that ya’ll were taking the time to inform me when you did shop and how you did it so I got credit. Thank you! Seriously! When you shop my links you support my business and I really appreciate that! Essentially doing so is a way to give back for the free content I’m sharing with you at NO COST to you. You will never pay extra because you shop my links. EVER. This is a free service and in essence is a way for the brand to thank me for referring business to them. Simple as that!

So what’s next? Well, since this girl needs a schedule… it’s about to get crazy. I’m setting a goal for TGG to push content here EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yes maim, you heard right! I will be posting here 7 days a week/ 365 days a year. Why? Because there is a lot to share, and I don’t want to rely on another platform like instagram to house that content. I don’t own my accounts on other platforms and I don’t ever want to chance losing that content. So I will start sharing daily looks, what I bought that week, home posts, and so much more… EVERY SINGLE DAY!

When I was polling you guys on insta, a lot of you were kind of all over the place. I say that in the nicest way… but it makes it hard for me to decide what to share. So, there will be some days that maybe TGG isn’t the site you come to… Maybe you love fashion, maybe it’s home, or even just the life update posts… there will be a day each week that you are getting content curated specifically just for you.

Our New Schedule:

Sunday: Lifestyle (recipes, travel, grocery hauls + more!)

Monday: Style (daily outfits for the week, weekly finds, + more!)

Tuesday: Try On Hauls (we will feature a different store weekly!)

Wednesday: Beauty (hair tutorials, favorite products, makeup tips + more!)

Thursday: Lifestyle (life updates, reading lists, playlists, + more!)

Friday: Lifestyle (cocktail recipes, tips for hosting, home decor, + more!)

Saturday: Sale Round Ups

*Every Saturday morning, a newsletter will go out! I’ve seriously neglected my email list this year! I will also have bonus content in these for you, so make sure you’re signed up!

Thank you so much for supporting me by answering questions, helping to keep traffic up by continuing to visit here, shopping my links, and supporting me in any way you are able. I appreciate you more than you know. Seriously, you are the best!

You can shop the look from this post here