#NSALE Besties: The Best of The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Edit

Not sure what to buy from the the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty selection? The Glitter Gospel has you covered with a roundup of the Best Beauty buys from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017.


  1. Ouai Set: This is basically beach hair in a bottle. The wave spray is legit amazing and I cannot wait to try the dry shampoo foam!
  2. Beauty Blenders: are a no-brainer, but this set is TOO GOOD to pass up. Two beauty blenders, the perfect case for them, and the cleanser for $35? Yes please!
  3. Silk Pillowcases: I’ve been dying to try these for months, but didn’t want to spend the cash. They are quite pricey! This is a set of two for the price of one. They are supposed to help with wrinkles (your pillow case can cause those apparently…) and I know they will help with my lashes as well!
  4. Donna Karan Deoderant: This is my favorite deoderant of all time. It smells amazing and it really lasts FOREVER. A three-fer for the $65 price tag may seem crazy, but this will last you AT LEAST a year.
  5. Charlotte Tilburry Lip Set: This set comes in nude and pink. I’m going to opt for the pink because I already have my Kim KW to use for a pretty nude look. The Nude here is really similar though and super pretty!
  6. Clarins Serum: I use this with my Apothoderm serum both morning and night and LOVE it! It really does help to give my skin a youthful look! I use the eye serum as well and it is also included in the sale!
  7. Evian Spray: I’m sure people think this stuff is so lame. Water? In a can? It’s great though you guys! I keep these in my purse at all times because no matter the situation (hot days, beach + sun exposure, plane rides, and dry winter months…) it helps my skin in a pinch! I’ve used this as a substitute for setting spray as well and it really does work!
  8. Foreo: I love my Foreo. I’ve been reaching for this more than my clarisonic simply just because I love how gentle it is and I feel like it really massages the product in. You spend a lot on those products… so you want to get the most out of them!
  9. Microneedler: I used to think this was so stupid. It isn’t you guys! I’ve faded scars in a quarter of the time with microneedling! It also helps with antiaging because you are forcing your skin to renew and repair itself!
  10. Revita Brow: This stuff is legit! I’ve used it for several months to help grow out my brows and it has been just about the only thing that has actually reaped results! Thank God, because I’ve been growing them out for 4 years! Oh my lanta… brows are so hard!
  11. Stila Liner and Liquid Lip: my dynamic duo for 4+ years strong! This eyeliner is THE BEST hands down I’ve ever tried! If you fear the wing… this is your jam! I also prefer the stila liquid lips to most other liquid lips! 100% recommend this!
  12. T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer:This dryer will dry your hair crazy fast! It also lives up to it’s name and is SUPER lightweight! You can pull some serious blow out moves with this baby!

Have you scoped out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Section? Oh my gosh! So much goodness! Many of these items are two for the price of one, half off, limited edition just for the sale, or amazing bundle packs! So so good!


Due to a series of unfortunate events (I.E. FedEx where my package at?), today’s post is going up early rather than on Thursday because today was supposed to be my try-on post with my Nordstrom Purchases! I ordered on Thursday before the site crashed… paid for overnight shipping… then got a notification at like 4pm Friday that it was delayed and I had been refunded my shipping charges… It was supposed to come yesterday by 8pm, but didn’t make it. The good news? At 11 am I finally got a notification that it’s here! YAY! So tonight we will get into the try on and tomorrow the post will go up for ya! Praise the lord.I’ve checked with others… and 99.9% of people got theirs even without rush shipping by yesterday… so your girl either ordered too much to get together and ship or she just has bad luck. I’ve NEVER had an issue with Nordstrom not shipping quickly before. Too bad it had to be during the best sale of the year, right?

I hope this was helpful! There is so much to sift through… and as we approach public access things are selling out FAST. I would get on the hair dryer, Beauty Blenders, and other appliances stat! Those go so fast! A lot of my beauty purchases were just re-stocking favorites that are on sale like the Stila Liner, Deoderant, and Lip Products!

Tune into insta-stories tonight at 9pm EST for the try on! So excited to share! If you have in depth questions about the sale don’t hesitate to DM me, email me at hello@theglittergospelblog.com, or go to this post.