Pink Off The Shoulder Sweater + Blogger Transparency

The Glitter Gospel Blog wearing pink for fall. Pink Sweater, Off Shoulder Sweater, Pink Faux Fur Mules, Black Distressed Denim, Diff Eyewear, Leopard Clutch. - Pink Off The Shoulder Sweater by Tennessee fashion blogger The Glitter Gospel

The Glitter Gospel Blog wearing pink for fall. Pink Sweater, Off Shoulder Sweater, Pink Faux Fur Mules, Black Distressed Denim, Diff Eyewear, Leopard Clutch. - Pink Off The Shoulder Sweater by Tennessee fashion blogger The Glitter Gospel

The Glitter Gospel Blog wearing pink for fall. Pink Sweater, Off Shoulder Sweater, Pink Faux Fur Mules, Black Distressed Denim, Diff Eyewear, Leopard Clutch. - Pink Off The Shoulder Sweater by Tennessee fashion blogger The Glitter Gospel

The Glitter Gospel Blog wearing pink for fall. Pink Sweater, Off Shoulder Sweater, Pink Faux Fur Mules, Black Distressed Denim, Diff Eyewear, Leopard Clutch. - Pink Off The Shoulder Sweater by Tennessee fashion blogger The Glitter Gospel

Pink Off The Shoulder Sweater (similar here)| Jeans | Sunglasses (c/o use code Glitter25 for 25% off) | Mules (under $30, TTS pink is sold out similar here in pink) | Earrings | Clutch


Another week, another Wednesday, another pink outfit. I have to say… these posts are quickly becoming what I look forward to most. I get to pull out the pink regularly and I get to speak a little bit of what’s on my heart in the here and now. Real quick, let me touch on this pink off the shoulder sweater outfit… then we will have some girl talk. One: This pink off the shoulder sweater is my jam, it’s almost sold out…. but they have another that is truly more chilly-fall appropriate and the same color. Two: I’m obsessed with these shoes. The pink shade keeps going in and out of stock, but the teal are going strong and the color is really on trend for this season. My sunglasses are via Diff Eyewear. I love the style of them, and that the purchase of one pair equals donating eyeglasses to someone in need. Win-win! You can use Glitter25 to get 25% off yours! I’ve worn this outfit more times than I would like to admit, but if it ain’t broke…  you know.


Girl Talk…

I’ve really felt the need to speak on this for a while. It’s a catch 22 in the online world, but this needs to be addressed IMO. Transparency. It can be very hard to be transparent online. When you feel like you’re constantly being judged, want to make everyone happy, and the worst… when you struggle with people not liking you. I’m over here hand in the air saying;

“This girl… I care too much… way too much”.

I struggle with being 100% transparent. I for one, don’t like everyone knowing all there is to know about me. I would like to keep a piece of something that’s just for me and those closest to me IRL. At the same time though, I started this blog with the conviction to speak to women about my struggles growing up, with my body image, with grief + loss, and so much more.  I never want to come across as being fake… or sounding like “OH MY GAH I LOVE THIS TOP YA’LL” when I have real life struggles going on that are breaking me down. For that reason sometimes I don’t post as much at certain times. I do that so I don’t have to feel fake, but it also hurts me sometimes from not being consistent like I would prefer to be. I’m going to start just sharing how I’m feeling… and posting regularly. I think sometimes you need to hear about how I love my outfit… and it was the high point in my day when other things weren’t going so well. I want you to understand the truth that when I’m for lack of better words feeling “shitty” and gross and not even close to enough… That’s real life and it happens to me on the regular. I feel like speaking our truths helps us relate to one another. It helps my life seem a lot more like yours… and to break that image of “pretty pictures” and “perfect lives”. Now, I do think some things should remain private. Family issues, fights with our spouses, finances… those things to me are off limits. That’s something that is truly just 1-1, not for the whole world to be involved in. Everything else for the most part though is fair game.

I want you to come here and see a real person, with a real life, and with real struggles. I want you to know that your circumstances don’t define you. I want you to feel less alone.

I think we can accomplish that.


I started this group several weeks ago to adjoin my facebook page. I’m going to start doing daily posts, weekly lives, and sharing articles and resources on topics that we often don’t feel safe talking about. I’d love for you to come join us!

Lacey Anne Douthat of The Glitter Gospel shares her thoughts on blogger transparency and how to be yourself online. Part of the Blogger 101 Series. Blogger resources, blogger voice, how to be a blogger, pink sweater, pink faux fur slides, diff eyewear

  • Very well said!

  • Amanda Nicole Hughes

    Pink is so your color! The shades + that sweater. SO GOOD!

    xx, Amanda |

  • Mei Jorge

    Loving the hot pink on you! And couldn’t agree more on being transparent 🙂

  • Shelby Skaggs

    love this pink & love this post even more! I struggle with being transparent, so this post definitely inspired me!


  • That sweater looks gorgeous on you, such a fun color! Also agree with your sentiment on transparency!

    Birdie Shoots

    • Thanks girl! I appreciate that! I’m hoping we can all start to be a little more real!

  • Ashley Zeal

    I agree with this 100% It’s such a struggle to find the balance.

  • Victoria G

    PREACH GIRL PREACH. I completely agree with you, but what else is new hehe!



  • Girl – I hear ya. When my Dad had a kidney transplant, the last thing I wanted to do was blog about lipstick. I think we are all in the same boat. I wonder why we don’t talk about it more! Good on you for starting a FB group for this!

    • Thanks so much! Come join us! I so don’t want to be a debbie here everyday… and I try to be positive, but sometimes life is just bad. It’s bad for everyone sometimes and that’s okay.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I had to deal with the death of two people very close to me within the last couple of weeks on top of personal struggles I’ve been having and 28 hour work days. It’s so hard to be on all the time, but at the same time, it’s hard to share what is really going on because sometimes people don’t want to hear about the bad things.


    • Oh my goodness Liz I’m so sorry! I will be praying so hard for you. Grief is no joke and it can wear you down, so please take time for yourself!



  • Julia Comil

    I love this look! It is really cute! Regarding transparency i tried to be the same online as I am when I go out from my flat. I don’t like to post selfies of myself without makeup but the same i don’t like to go out in the street when i have no make up on so I stay true to that

    • Okay one, you must be British and that makes me so jealous. I want a flat! Living the dream girl! Second, I so agree! I try to share the moments when I’m raw and real and no makeup and a hot mess, but I’m also that girl who is rarely out without being put together. My thing is more about not sharing our feelings, what we are struggling with, etc. It’s the desire to appear perfect when we are anything but.

  • Nataly Kimball

    I love this look and that pink sweater is so pretty! I agree about being transparent. It can be a tricky thing to do sometimes. I want to share my life and feelings, but also want to keep some things to myself and closest friends. Stay true to you and how you are feeling, don’t feel pressured to share something about you unless you really want to!

    • Same girl! Anything that’s just me… that can be out in the open, but I’m not going to drag friends, family, or my husband into something they didn’t ask for. My dogs are another story though. They get their business shared allll over the interwebs! lol!

  • Mandy Gragg

    I love your thoughts on transparency, it’s so true! Honesty is such a great thing when it comes to connecting with others, and it totally shows in your work. Love following along!

  • I couldn’t agree more with the struggle to be transparent online. There will always be a hater… but I think that’s when you know you’re doing something right.

  • Nicole Lier

    Hey thanks for sharing your feelings hun, and I know what ya mean for sure! My life is not all full of fashion and shopping and fun! Oh and btw, I do love all this pink!!!

  • Obsessed with that look. Love that cozy pink sweater with those mules. Just so fun and perky. Thank you for your openness and vulnerability. So refreshing to see transparency!

  • I think this is really, really important in the blogging and social media world right now. IG has become so over the top in terms of photos showing a “perfect” (and often contrived) view of life; I’m certainly guilty of it myself. It’s a struggle to find balance for you.

  • Raymonde oriflame

    thank you for being real <3

  • Caitlin Patton

    Authenticity is so important! It can be so easy to try to make our lives look picture perfect but we are all human. I applaud you for your honesty and bravery!

  • i love this color!! you look fab!

  • Ashley Hargrove

    I am in love with all of the fabulous pops of pink! And girl… It’s hard to be completely transparent for most people. I grew up having to be my own advocate and always had to stand up for myself so I find myself being so blunt and real. Most people think I’m the bitchy friend that everyone has but there’s no time to waste keeping things in! haha and it feels so much better being honest and real with people. 🙂

  • Steph Wolfred

    I am right in this boat with you! That’s one thing when I started my blog that I told myself (and my first followers) that I would stay true to me throughout this process. It’s important to be a real persona while talking about the things we love. Thank you for sharing this.

    @trendyinindy ||

  • Megan Christini

    Being real is everything! I totally agree girl it’s a balancing act for sure

  • I actually keep coming back to this post and reading it over and over again because I’m just so grateful for YOUR transparency when it came to writing this up. Thank you!! I think it’s so important to stay true to yourself when it comes to blogging, but it can be incredibly challenging. This was an excellent reminder. (oh, and btw, you look freaking fantastic – as always)!

  • Azanique

    I love this post girl! Thank you for being real in what feels like a superficial world sometimes.

    -xo, Azanique |

  • Christina Boyer

    I completely understand how you feel about being transparent! Sometimes it’s hard to be consistent blogging but I think your readers will appreciate you talking about what’s going on in your life!

  • I definitely struggle with being super transparent with blogging- it can feel strange posting these beautiful photos but inside you feel like you’re screaming and yet it’s hard to write about the things you really WISH you could write about!

    Lindsey |

  • Laura Albouy

    You look fabulous in pink my dear! This sweater is gorgeous, perfect to make an outfit pop in Fall.

  • This look is so bold and gorgeous! I agree that we should share as much as possible on our blogs and be vulnerable but I also agree that we should keep a small part of ourselves just for ourselves. It’s about balance and not going overboard.

  • I am extremely new in the blogger game, and I appreciate this post so much. I have only been doing this for a few months and Im like holy moly its work trying to make everything seem to perfect and put together!!!

    But sidetone, I absolutely love this top!!

  • This is such a great idea and ps pink is your color!

    Xx, Stuart

  • Lizinlosangeles

    I absolutely love the sunglasses and how great that the brand gives back!

  • Nicole Ballardini

    Pink looks great on you!!
    Nicky x

  • That sweater is stunning on you!

  • Patricia Lora

    I love this cute and comfy look! and I love your idea!

    xo, Patty

  • Jenn Hanft

    This OTS pink sweater is uber cute! Love how bold and fun the color is.

    With love, Jenn

  • Your style is so damn bold and beautiful!! I love all of the pink! Also I agree, it can feel a bit odd taking a ton of pics in public and then posting them but you look great and you just want to share your sense of style and life with everyone else! Xx