How to Fade Your Acne Scars with PMD Beauty

This home microdermabrasion post was sponsored by PMD Beauty and Primp Network. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Anyone else suffer from rough, dry skin when the weather gets cooler? It’s the worst. I’m typically a combination skin girl who is super acne prone (even after doing two rounds of Accutane!), but something about the season change gets me every year. If you saw this post a month ago, you know I’ve been trying out the PMD Beauty microdermabrasion system at home. Just after the first treatment I knew this was going to be great for me. It takes no time (maybe 10 minutes) to do a full treatment. This doesn’t hurt, burn, or cause serious sensitivity if you use it properly!!!

I always follow with a mask, this one is my favorite! It helps to calm your skin afterward as microderm really is removing a  layer of your skin and it needs to recoup!


Before: My skin was a MESS. Mother nature had hit me the week before these photos and the temps dropped. Bad combo for my tricky skin! It was dry, I had active acne spots, and my healing breakouts were scarring! The worst!

How to fade your acne scarring. PMD Microdermabrasion, Skincare, Acne treatment, microderm, PMD, the glitter gospel, winter skin care


After: Wow! Just Wow! While I still have some gunk rising to the surface (I’m about 6 weeks into treatments now), but overall 90% of my issues in the before photos are clearing! Hallelujah!

How to fade your acne scarring. PMD Microdermabrasion, Skincare, Acne treatment, microderm, PMD, the glitter gospel, winter skin care



Always always start with a clean, fresh face! This will not be as effective when working on dirty skin!

Follow the directions! Don’t double pass on the same area, don’t hover on spots, and always always test when you are going to go up a level in your discs!

Clean the PMD after every use! Use antibacterial soap and clean the disks and also wipe down the wand! This will help the system be more affective and just like with makeup brushes, bacteria can cause breakouts!

Be prepared to break out after your first couple treatments if you are acne prone and have clogged pores! If you have ever started a new skin care regimen and noticed a few days in you started to break out… it was probably from the system working! People always have this misconception that if they breakout when trying something new it means it isn’t working or they are having a reaction. There is a clear difference between having a reaction and product penetrating your pores and bringing the gunk to the surface. With the PMD you are getting down to the next layer of your skin and a lot of things that were trapped underneath will start coming up. It’s not a bad thing and don’t freak out!

Use a calming mask every single time! Your skin has essentially just gone through a mini trauma and needs to be replenished with the oils and nutrients it needs to be healthy! This one is great!

If you are stocking up on gifts for the holidays, this would be perfect for the beauty lover! Getting at home spa treatments is such a treat and any girl in your life would love this! You can get 20% off with code PRIMP20!

How to fade your acne scarring. Skincare, Acne treatment, microderm, PMD, the glitter gospel, winter skin care

  • Katie Lee

    Ahhh! That’s amazing!!! Your skin looks great!!

  • Stephanie Cummings

    I must buy one of these! They look fantastic!

    • It really is! It takes little to no time to use and it helps so so much with acne and hyperpigmentation!

  • Wow, your results are amazing!!

  • Melissa

    Those are great results! I haven’t used PMD, but sounds like a worthwhile product!

    • It really is the best Melissa! I’ve been blown away so far!