Treating Weekdays Like The Weekend. . .

The Glitter Gospel shares tips and tricks for making the most of your weekdays! Tupelo Honey Knoxville, Brunch, Lavender Honeysuckle Cocktail, Clare Vivier Leopard Sandrine, Yellow Beret, Pom Pom Sweater

Yesterday Luke and I partnered with Tupelo Honey Knoxville to share their amazing brunch. We were beyond tired and had been moving all day on Saturday… we felt boggled down to say the least. Afterward we ran a couple errands… went to HomeGoods (aka heaven) and Target (more on that over on IG today… serious LOL) and headed home to crash. On the drive home a song pulled from my Apple Music (I have a LOT of music in there so you literally never know what you’re gonna get) and the main verse was about treating weekdays like the weekend. Granted it was a random song off a Friday feeling playlist really about partying and falling asleep in your high heels (polar opposite of my life), but it struck a cord with me. Wow. I wish EVERY SINGLE DAY but Friday-Sunday away. That’s crazy. 96 hours of my week, 416 hours of my month, and 4992 hours of my year I would rather skip than get the most out of just to get 72 hours of my week.

So I got to thinking. How could we treat weekdays like the weekend? What small changes could we make to get to that place where waking up every single day was a joy rather than just the days we don’t have to report somewhere (even though the blogger life calls for 24/7 on call shifts lol, but you get where I’m going…).

So here are my thoughts. . .

How to Live Your Weekdays Like It’s the Weekend!

  • Set a bedtime to alleviate the lack of sleep throughout the week: I’m so grumpy when I’m tired. Just ask Luke… and I’m also the worst about getting to bed at a decent hour. My goal is to cut it off at 10pm every night and set my alarm for 5:30 AM. This should allow for BBG and a quick get ready session before I head to work in the AM. (Yes I still work 3 days a week on top of blogging FT). Workouts do bring me energy so this is a win-win. More sleep + More energy and less to do at night.
  • Set your alarm to something that jolts you awake, but also makes you happy: Think Pharrell- Happy… maybe some Coldplay-Viva la Vida? Something upbeat that will get you going, but also put in you a good mood. Anything is better than Waves via my iphone… SOOOO annoying!
  • Do something in the evening that makes you happy: For me this includes a glass of vino or a light cocktail, maybe a bubble bath, the occasional hot yoga class, and girls nights. Something that might take an hour of your time… just to bring a little joy to your day!
  • Cut out the noise: I’m the worst about this, and I’m so glad we are cutting cable at the new house. If I’m tired when I get home… I grab one of Luke’s hoodies to change into and melt into the couch. I turn on the TV and done! There goes my day! Limit your time watching TV, scrolling your feed, etc! Do everything with intention! I’ve been so out of reading lately and that is actually something that brings me the most joy! So I will be starting books as soon as we are settled and having a cup of tea before bed to just relax. Oh the little things…
  • Don’t Over-schedule: Again… I’m the worst about this. I’ve done a better job about this in 2018 by just saying no more. I’ve cut way back on my workload for TGG and focused on different revenue streams for my blog than just sponsored content to try to alleviate the pressure and time crunch for deadlines. I still do them here and there, but Q4 was way too heavy with sponsored content and I needed a break. Same goes for social events, etc. Don’t put more than a couple things on the book for the week so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Plan your meals and to-do list ahead of time: I’ve been working on this so I’m by no means a pro, but planning what you’re having each night and what you need to get done helps so much. Luke is working on his doctorate right now and working FT and I’m basically working two full time jobs so we have to communicate what we have going on each week or we really struggle. Some days he works well past 5 and then comes home to at least an hour of school work + anything teacher related he still has to do… same for me. It never ends, but planning accordingly is a game changer.
  • Schedule time to just breathe: That may sound crazy, but literally just taking 10 minutes three times a day to breathe, enjoy a cup of coffee, listen to music, etc. It can change your mood and change your day!


The Glitter Gospel shares tips and tricks for making the most of your weekdays! Tupelo Honey Knoxville, Brunch, Lavender Honeysuckle Cocktail, Clare Vivier Leopard Sandrine, Yellow Beret, Pom Pom Sweater

Okay now this brunch… For real ya’ll it was so good!

In lieu of mimosas I tried something different. I saw this Lavender Honeysuckle cocktail on the menu and immediately knew what I wanted. So good! It was light and refreshing and equal parts floral to citrus! I could see myself having this all Spring and Summer Long! It was a dream. Also hubby approved. Luke said he would absolutely drink that on the regular!

I tried this toast when Laura Leigh and I went to Asheville! (see that post here) It’s the Carmelized Squash and Burrata Toast! Heavenly you guys. This is the kind of dish you have dreams about until you can have it again. So good! I was beyond excited because when we had it last fall they said it was at their location only and a special for the fall… thank goodness it’s around for good! Holy swoon!

For entrees we tried the Southern Shaksuka which is a grits dish. It is topped with an amazing salsa and avocado and fried egg (something we have periodically if we are out to brunch). We also had the Avocado Toast and Eggs. Also incredible. Nothing at Tupelo is ordinary and they put their own spin on all the dishes no matter how “traditional” it may be. The toast for instance was topped with an amazing seasoning and when you paired the fried egg on top it was heavenly!


I can’t recommend Tupelo Honey enough… We have been to four locations now and all have been spectacular. The Knoxville location is smack dab in the center of Market Square and I can’t wait to go back for brunch when the Farmer’s Market is back. Those are seriously the best Sundays!


I hope these tips gave you some inspo to make the most of your weekdays! Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate your support of TGG more than you know!