Don’t Forget the Fur Babies this Holiday Season

This Post is sponsored by Tyson True Chews. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Before I get into today’s post, I want to share a funny story. Last year was our first year in the new house. You would think that our first Christmas here would be a huge deal and we would go all out, right? WRONG! I stayed up the night before wrapping the few gifts I was able to get in time from ordering online and realized wow… THE DOGS HAVE NOTHING! I’ve never felt so bad. We are seriously obsessed with our dogs ya’ll. I’m talking overboard obsessed… so this was unacceptable. This year will be different. 

We can’t really buy toys for Lemon and Rosey. As T. Swift would say, this is why we can’t have nice things. They literally go through toys in less than 15 minutes, chew bones until their gums bleed, and we worry a lot about them eating fragments and causing some sort of issue internally. For that reason we focus a LOT on snacks and the only “toys” they get are tennis balls. 

If you have pets, I’m sure you’re like us and read every single ingredient on the label for your dogs food and treats just you do for yourself. It’s kind of scary some of the products on the market right now on the shelves.

This year we are filling the girls’ stockings with True Chews. These treats are 100% natural, containing no corn wheat or soy, no animal by-products and no artificial flavors or preservatives. They absolutely love the chicken grillers. Here are some other major selling points for me. . . 

Here are some other major selling points for me. . .

  • Made and sourced in the USA
  • Protein as #1 ingredient
  • No red, yellow or blue dyes

Don’t make the mistake I did last year. Keep your puppies happy with Tyson True Chews. You won’t believe the tail wags and puppy kisses you will get in return. Get yours here or at most major retailers near you.