Pop of Yellow

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The Outfit:

Beret// Sweater// Jeans (size up!)// Flats// Earrings (on sale!)// Lip Color

Hello longest Monday of the year. Did you watch the Super Bowl? Sadly, I did not … I felt really terrible and have a blasting headache. I heard that JT was amazing, that Pink is still a total Bad A (sang the national anthem even while having the flu), and woo hoo Eagles! Luke watched at his parents last night and I just tried to keep my eyes shut… woah head aches! If there was ever a Super Bowl I didn’t want to miss it was this one… I lived in Philadelphia and actually had a team to root for and hello… who doesn’t love Justin Timberlake?

I’m spending today on the mend, but couldn’t wait to share these photos that my sweet friend Sarah did for me. She is so good! So so good! We actually hadn’t planned to shoot this one, I was waiting for my friend Katie and had changed and she was like… that yellow beret deserves some photos!


Yellow is such a staple color for me. It always blows me away when people tell me they don’t like yellow or can’t wear yellow. Yellow is such a good neutral really. I haven’t seen anyone who can’t pull of some shade of the color. It’s all about finding the right one for your skin tone! I personally like a bright pop of yellow, canary yellow, and a pretty buttercup (like a vintage gold shade). This yellow beret is more of  a bright shade, but since it’s just coming from the beret, it totally works!

Berets were something I wasn’t sure of, but honestly this past year has been all about just wearing what I like rather than just sticking to basics… I love anything Parisian, and berets are perfection! I now own four… crazy, but I’m sure I’ll be gathering up more. Hats are such a great way to dress up an outfit.

**How cute is my Katie boo?**

I hope you have an amazing start to the week! Grab that cup of coffee and tackle your day! PS: if you have headache remedies let me know! I think this is sinus related, but I’m always open to options!


Photos by Sarah McAffry


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